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Lineage 2 Epilogue
Lineage 2 High Five
Lineage 2 Grand Crusade

Gracia Epilogue x30 PTS

In the chronicles of Gracia Epilogue, the features of hardcore Lineage II have been remained. For production of high-level equipment, you have to go through a difficult way. You would need to unite the efforts of many players to achieve goals. We tried to balance the complexity of the chronicles, adjusting server rates, buffer and extended shop options. In shop you can purchase equipment of grade A for Adena.

EXP/SP: x30
Adena: x30
Drop: x15
Spoil: x15
Quest: x1-10

RB drop: x3
Epic RB drop: x1
Manor: х5
Seal stones: x5
Epaulette: x5


High-Five Part 5 PTS

High-Five Part 5 is the final part of the classic Lineage II foreshadowing irreversible changes. Shillien acquires its former strength - serious changes are coming to life in Elmoraden. Experience gaining and production of high-level equipment is much easier compared to previous chronicles, and is mainly suited for a small group of 3-9 people. Even an ordinary player could achieve a good equipment for his character without spending a lot of time.

EXP/SP: x7
Adena: x7
Drop: x3
Spoil: x3
Quest: x3

RB drop: x3
Epic RB drop: x1
Manor: х1
Seal stones: x3
Epaulette: x3

High Five

Grand Crusade soon

There were great changes after the awakening of the goddess Shillien. Shillien awakened earthworm Trasken, who was put to sleep by dwarfs. She intends to use it as a tunnel for victims, which will connect Elmoraden with the world of spirits. You will find a fascinating journey through the world Lineage II, a new race Arteas, the new system of classes and skills, new hunting zones, bosses and instance zones. Group size is reduced to 7 characters.

Grand Crusade

More Magic Worlds in the Future

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