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High Five x7
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Opening soon!

mmoGo Center

July 5

Gracia Epilogue

Content update
for 80+ level players

Gracia Epilogue

Balance update
April 24

Allods Online

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mmoGo Games

Opening soon!


Server with a fast character leveling, buffer, autoloot

Server Opened
30-th of October


Craft PVP server

Server Opened
9-th of June

PVP server all characters get level 55 when created

Free servers Counter Strike


RETAIL server "Heart of Frost" DLC+ BONUS+

x5 x500

"Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a" servers with relax x5 and fun x500 rates

Lineage II client based on the modern game engine "Unreal Engine 4"

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