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Lineage II Gracia Epilogue PTS

PTS платформа сервера и рейты х30 дают возможность наслаждаться игрой как в группе, так и в одиночку.


For a comfortable game, we added an NPC Belsia to the server who can be summoned anywhere in the world. Belcia will help you acquire the necessary consumables, professions, noblesse, entry-level equipment, also you can get buffs for 1 hour.

You can summon Belsia by using the skill:

"Summon Belsia"

Gracia Continent

To increase the amount of content for high-level players, updated content Gracia. Added zone "Seed of Destruction".

Instance Zones

Added to the game: "Daytime Zaken (Difficult)", "Kamaloka - Labyrinth of the Abyss 83 level", "Rim Kamaloka 80 level" for players with a premium account.


All new characters are given equipment depending on the profession.
Upon receipt of the first and second professions are given certificates for obtaining equipment by level.

Agathions and Bracelets

Added the skill "Invetory Expansion" increases the number of inventory size by 36 slots and weight gauge.

Server Rates

EXP x30 EXP x30
SP x30 SP x30
Increase Chance
Дроп x30
Drop x30
Increase Chance
Спойл x15
Spoil x15
Increase Quantity
Адена х30
Adena x30
Increase Quantity
Камни Печати х5
Seal Stones x5
Манор x5 Manor x5
Рыбалка x1 Fishing x1
Increase Quantity
Эполеты x5
Epaulettes x5

Raid Bosses

РБ EXP x30 EXP x30
Increase Chance
РБ Дроп x5
Drop x5

Epic Bosses

Эпик РБ EXP x30 EXP x30
Эпик РБ Дроп x1 Drop x1


Квест EXP x5 EXP x5
Квест SP x5 SP x5
Квест Адена x5 Adena x5
Some Quests
Квестовые предметы x5
Quest Items x5
Пайлака x1 Pailaka x1
Семь Печатей x1 Seven Signs x1

Changes in the gameplay:

Added the ability to create an S84 grade equipment
Added NPC "Charon" providing the Merchant and Blacksmith of Mammon services.

Changes in the Gracia Continent

Семя Уничтожения
Added location "Seed of Destruction".
The players are able to complete all the quests related to the territory "Seed of Destruction".
Characteristics of the monsters correspond to the chronicles "Freya".
The drop rates for monsters are set to x1 values.
In the droplist to the elite monsters added "Noble Enhancement Stone".

Difficult Daytime Zaken

78+ level players can enter the instance zone.
Minimum number of characters to enter: 2.
Drop: Dynasty Weapons, Armor, Jewelery; Zaken's Cloak; Habu Knife; Blessed Zaken's Earring.

Kamaloka - Labyrinth of the Abysse 83 level

78+ level players can enter the instance zone.
Minimum number of characters to enter: 2.
Drop: Dynasty Jewelry; Icarus Weapon.

Rim Kamaloka 80 level

Players with activated Premium account can enter the time zone.
The reward for passing: Elixirs, Soul and Spirit Shots S-Grade, Stones and Crystals Attribute.
Reward: Essence of Kamaloka, Essence of Kamaloka can be traded for the Pathfinder's Reward (Reward: Dynasty and Icarus Weapons, Neolitic Crystal B-S84).

Skill Books 80+

All skill books can be purchased on Hellbound from NPC Shadai.


Added skill "Create Item" 10 lvl.
Can be learn at 82 level.
Создать Вещь
To learn the skills required: "Forgotten Scroll - Create Item Lv 10".

"Makes it possible to create items of level 10."


Added skill "Sweeper Festival".
Создать Вещь
Auto-learning at the 28th level of the character.

"Collect items from spoiled monsters."

To register a Master account
go to Game Center.

To create game accounts, go to "ACCOUNTS".

Создание Аккаунта

To start playing you will need to
download mmoGo Center.

The updater has not only the client update function, but also a recovery function that will restore your client at any time.
To do this, you need to select a game and click the button "Reset game client".

Восстановление Клиента

You can select the language of the game client, for this you need to click on one of the buttons with the flags of the countries at the top of the interface.

Изменение Языка

Also in the updater there is an Autologin function in the game, the updater stores up to 8 game accounts.


Also you can download the game client directly.

We use a universal client that is suitable for playing on the
Lineage II Gracia Epilogue and Lineage II High Five.

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